A Quick, Convenient Choice for

Lice Removal

  • One 10-minute application*
  • Pesticide-free
  • Eliminates lice, super lice, and their eggs
  • Fine-toothed metal comb to assist with combing out lice and nits
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How Does Lycelle Compare to Other

Leading Products?

Super lice are resistant to pesticides and have been found in more than 40 states and are spreading. That means leading lice treatment products containing pesticides may no longer be as effective.

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  Online survey conducted 1/4/17 
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Lycelle® Head Lice
Removal Kit is

Fast, Safe, & Effective

Using Lycelle removes both lice and their eggs in a single use—and without pesticides. Become free of lice, super lice, and their eggs quickly and conveniently with Lycelle, and get kids back to school and parents back to their routines.

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