Stop the Spread

Cleaning your home is important

Lice can live away from a human scalp for about 48 hours. So, it’s important to protect other family members and prevent your child from getting lice again.

You should vacuum your carpet, rugs, furniture, car seats, and any other fabric-covered items that may have come into contact with your child’s head.

Launder their bed linens and towels in hot water above 130° F.

Avoid sharing certain items

To help prevent the spread of lice your child shouldn’t share hats, helmets, towels, brushes, combs, hair clips, or other items that may harbor lice.


Fast Facts 1:

What are Super Lice?

Super lice have been found in more than 40 states and are spreading.

Fast Facts 2:

Why is Pesticide-Free Important?

Super lice have built resistance to some pesticides (pyrethroids).

Fast Facts 3:

Itching is the #1 Sign of Having Lice

Signs of red bumps, marks, or sores caused by scratching are other symptoms.

Fast Facts 4:

Having Lice is not a Sign of Bad Hygiene

Head-to-head contact with an infected person is the #1 way to contract lice.

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